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Github for mac!

June 22, 2011 No comments yet

Ok I cleared this title up a little, it isn’t Git for the Mac but a Github GUI and so far it is really great. I currently manage over 30+ repos some private and some public and this is so much quicker than trying to manage everything directly from their site.

It also support all your local Git repos, allows super quick and easy repo cloning but wait! it also supports the org. view so you can see your private login and any orgs that you also manage and their repos.

Great job so far Github team. thanks!

Find it here – Github for the mac.

Titanium and XCode custom build paths

June 14, 2011 No comments yet

[Note! updated to a better fix with the latest tools - Custom build paths part 2.]

You’re probably not going to run into this issue if you’re a noob and haven’t even used XCode before using Appelerator’s Titanium. Many though started building iOS application with XCode and are now looking for something faster and cross platform. Those who are maybe a little more advanced will be using custom XCode build paths.

I did this because I didn’t want dropbox trying to sync all the build and back ground build changes etc. The issue is once this path is set and especially after upgrading to XCode 4 – Titanium won’t be able to build your iPhone projects and you’ll get [ERROR] Your TARGET_BUILD_DIR is incorrectly set. Expected dir x and got dir y.

Wow – crazy hey, firstly I have no idea why they don’t just change this during the build or allow custom build folders but anyway, that is I change I am making for another posting with a compiler code change. For now the fix has been really easy and worked on the mobile SDK 1.6 and 1.7 RC and final.

Basically open the SDK XCode template, fix the build path and save. Done. Here is how, the project will be under your SDK folder:

/Library/Application Support/Titanium/mobilesdk/osx/1.7.0/iphone/iphone/Titanium.xcodeproj

I’m going to assume next you have XCode 4, if not – crawl out from the rock and install it :)

Open the project, click on the project name (not the targets), select the build settings tab and then change from Basic view to All. You will see the build locations and they’re probably wrong.

Delete any values in the Build Products Path and Intermediate Build Files Path. Then under per-configuration build products path enter the following:



When you’ve enter those it will show as /build/Debug-iphoneos and /build/Release-iphoneos.

Project is saved automatically, exit XCode and run the Titanium compiler again and you should be good! Remember to do this for each platform SDK you’re using.

You can now KEEP custom build paths for other native XCode product while having Ti still work.


Titanium mobile 1.7 released

June 13, 2011 2 comments

The much anticipated titanium mobile 1.7 is now released, if you’re running the studio it will install the updates for you. I did notice it won’t remove the RC SDK which is ok, just remember to change your app’s SDK reference.

Dropbox security

June 4, 2011 No comments yet

After reading this http://tirania.org/blog/archive/2011/Apr-19.html I decided to post this … :)

Worse than that, dropbox generate a checksum of each file, if that file already exists it is not stored again even across user accounts. What? yep – you can verify this by uploading a crazy large file on one user account, say 1GB and then  upload the exact same file on a completely unrelated, unshared user account. The upload is instant – 1GB, in about a few seconds? wow – I wonder if cable know they gave me so much bandwidth ;-) The only logical conclusion is they’re only storing one copy. Not a problem for those with nothing to hide but if you’ve got a stash of torrent videos (not that I do), any org. could prove they exist on dropbox and demand usernames … just something to make you sleep tight :)

Now of course I cannot verify this claim so do your own research, I did try get an answer from Dropbox and just got silence … so there you go. I hope it isn’t so and honestly it is the smart thing to do in terms of storage but for those with files they shouldn’t have, its a problem.